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The challenge of any job seeker is to stand out from the crowd and show employers that you can lead projects, teams or new initiatives unlike anyone else. Does your current CV say that about you? Do your interview skills distinguish you from your competition?


KKTM Solutions Ltd offers great career advice for experienced candidates, our professional staff have years of experience supporting Job Seekers back into work and furthering their career. 


We encourage all job seekers to take advantage of our free career advice and preparation support for making an informed decision on your next career move, we are not only a partner to our clients, but also our job seekers. We are committed to assisting job seekers within each phase of their career, focussing on recognising their career potential.


Put your best foot forward with our career advice and make sure you showcase those skills that leading companies are looking for in a prospective employee. Landing that new job can mean more money, greater independence, opportunities to learn new skills and grow, increased confidence and satisfaction, and much more. What’s holding you back from your maximum career potential?

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Bouncer to Jaguar


I had been working as a Bouncer for a local night club and a part time van driver. I was looking for a change and utilise my engineering qualifications which were just gathering dust. I approcahed KKTM Solutions Ltd who advised me on options available to me and supported me in completing my CV. I received a call from Randy who had just secured a vacancy through JLR and the rest is history I am now working as a Technician.


Levi, Technician Jaguar Land Rover