Mediation in the WorkPlace

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We offer an excellent cost effective alternative to resolving workplace disputes and relationship breakdowns, to the expensive , time consuming and often ineffective HR processes. Often these processes are just that a process and don't actually identify and tackle the root cause often due to the formal arena these are conducted in. We aim to remove any barriers in a relaxed but targetted and focussed, creating an environment where job title is secondary and it is just about dealing with the problem. The solution is getting to a place where colleagues are able to talk and listen to each other and explore how things are now and how they would like them to be in order for the relationship to be productive for all whilst maintianing performance and wellbeing.


Relationship breakdowns in the workplace need not be the only way to tackle issues, where people often don't realise how they are being perceived or behaving. Tackling this early and informally is always the best route for a positive outcome. At KKTM Solutions Ltd we strive to engage with the parties involved gaining all facts and working through this with results being achieved within as little as 3 hours. Which any organisation would benefit from and understand how impressive this is if you have ever had to deal with a dispute between colleagues in the workplace in the traditional way.


Expected Positive outcomes from our Mediation Service:


  • Better understanding of others Improved working relationships

  • Better solution to a problem/challenge

  • Higher performance within the team

  • Major innovation/idea was born

  • Increased motivation 



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